Information Needed in Tickets

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In order to process your request, we would need as much information as possible in your initial ticket. Help us help everyone faster, by providing this information with your first request.

General information required in any ticket:

  1. Game you require support for
  2. Server you are playing on
  3. Account name, the one you use to log-in
  4. Character(s) affected if any
  5. When it happened, with the date and time
  6. Issue summary, a 1 liner with the information
  7. Issue description, as detailed as possible
  8. What did you try to do for fixing it
  9. As much as possible attached material, so it helps to review the case

Some examples of practical cases:

Error while logging into the gameQuest can't be completed
Game: Last Chaos
Server: Pandora
Account: fawkesaccount
Character(s): Charly
When it happened 23/03 14:00 CET
Summary: Error while logging

Description: Whenever I try to log in, I get an error. Every time I try. It's only affecting Pandora, and only the character Charly. The last time I could log in was on 23 of September 2022.

What did I try:
- Connecting with another account
- Changing to a VPN service provider
- Log and relog the account

Attached material: errormessage.jpeg
Game: Last Chaos
Server: Pandora
Account: fawkesaccount
Character(s): Charly
When it happened: 23/03 14:00 CET
Summary: Can't complete the quest 'The Path of Fire'

Description: I have collected all the requirements, and whenever I go to redeem my reward, it simply doesn't work, nothing happens. I have attached a video. 

What did I try:
- Connecting with another account
- Completing the quest another character

- Leaving and picking the quest again

Attached material: questbug.mp4

Outside of the above basic information, there are some other important points depending on the issue you might be facing:

  • Game issues: you need to specify the exact name of the item, NPC, skill, etc. that is affected, providing a clear description of what's the issue and what you are trying to fix it.
  • Player reports: we need as much proof as possible of what's happening, together with the time
  • Account access problems: all the personal information within your account, such as name, surname, email, country, last payments, etc.

In general, we need any kind of information you consider might be helpful for us to know. We are not wizards and we need to investigate. The more points of reference we have, the easier it will be.

We also have guides and articles for some specific issues and problems, and we advise you to try to fix them following those, so you can avoid the waiting time:

If you need to open a ticket, you can do so here.

Keep in mind that we might be closing your case if your issue has been sorted via an FAQ article, or if the information provided is minimal, sending you to the back of the queue.

We will also close your ticket if we don't receive a reply from our end in 7 days, assuming that you are not requiring assistance any longer.

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