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The General category with the very basics.

Fawkes' Hub (1)

Our launcher, powered by Xsolla, provides a seamless way for you to access and enjoy our games. It offers easy installation and updates, as well as a variety of other features to enhance your gaming experience. If you encounter any issues or need assistance with the launcher, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Accounts Page (1)

Our accounts management page provides a convenient and secure way for players to manage their account information, including updating personal data, changing passwords, and purchasing Fawkes Gems, our in-game currency. We strive to make it easy for players to access and modify their accounts, and our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.

Shaiya (1)

Get support for Shaiya, the epic fantasy MMORPG with intense PvP battles, strategic gameplay, and challenging perma-death feature. Join the fight now!

Last Chaos (1)

Welcome to the Last Chaos support page! Get tips, technical assistance, and community support for the fantasy MMORPG. We're here to help you enhance your gameplay experience and connect with other players. Whether you're new or a veteran, we've got you covered!